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27April, 2022

From Abraham to Ayahuasca, What Can an Exemplar do for You?

From our grandpa, grandma, or a favorite sister, we unconsciously grow in our personalities by imitating those we look up to. As we grow older we add more exemplars to our ideal list to help us incorporate who we are fully becoming. In this episode Wendy Tremayne talks with facilitator and world traveler Darakshan Farber and what happened when he invited the Prophet Abraham into his conscious life, and Dr. Nat Bletter, who dropped information technology in favor of ethno-botany, and the wisdom he found in Ayahuasca and other plants. Also, Alice Wyatt talks about Living Our Best Life, and finally, The Innernaut reports his meditation dream on how the Source sweeps though all of creation and how we can know The Source of All

17March, 2022

What is Breath, Really?

Wendy interviews her friend, teacher and scientist Mina Lebitz, who explains how the human body uses oxygen and Amin talks with Ingrid Berg who has been making and playing reeded flutes for over 50 years, she shares her experience with breathing practices and gives us steps on how to relieve pain thru breath work. In our field report from the Innernaut, we learn that breathing in and breathing out provides two opportunities to expand our consciousness.

20January, 2022

What is the Art of Personality

On this episode we ask the question what is personality? But more specifically what is the art of personality and how do we make us into living art? We describe the many qualities of the ego, the big five personality traits and finally the 4 personality types. We’ll use these as a starting point for what it means to become a real human being. Our mystical touchstone Inayat Khan offers the 4 grades to developing into a human being. Alice Wyatt tells us what happens when her doing doesn't fit into any of the boxes our current society deems worthwhile and the Innernaut ask is your story heart centered?

23December, 2021

Sincere Intention

What is sincere intention and how can you make it work for you? We explore the interior of the heart and continue our conversation with Dr. Hassan Gebel, PhD who tells of his personal journey from a ph. D in astrophysics, to a master’s in counseling psychology that led him to the path of mysticism of the heart.

15April, 2021

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Welcome to Nameless, a magazine style podcast bridging science, mysticism and the human experience. Every other week we go in-depth on a theme to discover its many possible meanings though timeless wisdom, stories, poetry, and the realm of dreams.

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