Rob Carey, Cosmic Turtle Sound Studio — A multi-talented musician and music producer, Rob created the theme music for The Nameless Show, as well as many of our sound beds. As frontman and songwriter for Staten Island-based band The Headlocks, Carey, a long-time area musician who was known for his solo work as well as the Pocketful of Pearls trio, released two  Headlocks albums–Cuckoo Bird (2009) and Most Golden Goose (2014)–with a third, Space Bird, to be released.

Paul Lee — As a Mental Health Counselor, Sound Healer and Musician, Paul uses his music and meditations to help people find stress relief and inspiration to be healthy. His goal is to help people find inner stillness and joy in their lives with his music, meditations and teachings. He offers group sound relaxation classes utilizing singing bowls, shamanic drums, rain sticks and other tools. He believes that music can also help people find a spiritual path with organized religion. It’s a humanist and Buddhist way with sound. Paul holds a BA in Psychology from American University and, as a self-proclaimed “education addict,” he also attended Harvard University, MassArt, The University of Arizona and Arizona State University. YouTube:

Elise Brianne — Born and raised in Western NY, singer-songwriter Elise Brianne draws inspiration from dreamwork, meditation, road tripping, and immersing deeply in the natural world. Elise is half of the duo that makes up Desert Milk (together with her partner, Rob Carey), and they reside in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. 

AJ Pantaleo — AJ Pantaleo is a drummer and composer who has been performing and recording with various artists for over fifteen years. He is known for his tight groove oriented drumming played with a vibrant energy that translates both live and on recording. AJP is currently performing with his jazz/funk band The Jazztronauts, indy-rockers Baked and APMD.

Rory Merola — Music intended for your experience. 

Dan Gallagher 

Ingrid Burg — With her son Avi, makes bamboo flutes for the journey In the Native American Love Flute tradition.

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